Adorned Oil Kit + Pouch


Adorned Oil Kit + Pouch

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Includes all 7 Adorned Oils & Mudra Guide in hand crafted leather pouch.

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Adorn yourself with every scent & carry them with you in a handmade leather pouch!


Bliss:   Notes of Mimosa & Jasmine, Graced with Ocean Jasper & Pink Tourmaline Crystal Essence

Echo:  Notes of Amber & Sweet Clover, Labrodorite & Epidote Crystal Essence

Grace:  Notes of Rose & Copal, Graced with Rose Quartz, Jade & Kunzite Crystal Essence

Harmony: Notes of Cedar, Copal & Piñon, Dolomite & Argonite Crystal Essence

Illuminate:  Notes of Plumeria & Pink Lotus, Amethyst & Apophyllite Crystal Essence

Inspire:   Notes of Vanilla & Cacao, Graced with Bumblebee Jasper & Golden Labradorite Crystal Essence

Serene:  Notes of Neroli & Oakmoss, Graced with Howlite, Danburite & Lilac Lepidolite Crystal Essence

Mudra Guide & Info Book with Handmade Scrap Leather Pouch.