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/grace/ simple elegance or refinement of movement

Notes of Rose & Copal

Graced with Rose Quartz, Jade & Kunzite

1 mL Sample Oil & Info Card

5 mL Roller Oil with Mudra Box & Info Card

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I have fluidity in my being, for self-love flows elegantly through me as my heart is grounded in love & gratitude.

Like the oceans & rivers ebb & flow gracefully on the earths surface our energy flows through our being.  This oil stimulates an unblocked movement circulating from the heart.  With each beat of the heart self-love & positive thoughts repeat with abundance.  Using this oil allows us to release unpleasant thoughts and fill this space with love & compassion.  

  • Uses:  Grounded/balanced emotions, enhanced circulation, harmonious heart, release of unpleasant feeling & self defeating thoughts, attune to frequency of self-love.
  • Mudra suggestions: Padma, Vayan, Tarjani
  • Chakra: Root (1st), Sacral (2nd), Heart (4th), Crown (7th)

Essential Notes - Soul

  • Rose & Sandalwood: Grounds emotions, releases unpleasant feelings & self defeating thoughts.
  • Frankincense & Vanilla: Uplifts spirit while protecting the heart, tranquility.
  • Copal: Cultivating a harmonious heart & purifying body & soul.
  • Vetiver & Damiana: Emotional equilibrium, power of attraction, enhancement of romantic mood.

Crystal Essence - Spirit

  • Rose Quartz: Emotional healing, activate the heart to emanate ones innate love, resonates the frequency of compassion.
  • Kunzite: Teaches us the value of Joy; the ability to open your heart to receiving love.  Activate heart's wisdom. 
  • Jade: Growth of one's life force energies, stimulates flow of energy with love for life.

Herb - Body

  • Rose Petals: Raises our vibrations to the high notes of unconditional love.

These oils are created to assist one in connecting with this Earth & Universal Energy.  A Merkabah is printed on each label to imprint the oil with high vibrating universal energy.  This assists one in connecting with their light spirit body and finding their sapphire throne.  

Each oil comes with a mudra, affirmation & information card to aid one in meditation. Handmade with love in Breckenridge, CO, Charged with OM Crystal Singing Bowl Vibrations, Infused with Crystal Essence under the Full Moon Light.

Pure Essential Oils, Resins & Absolutes are carried in Jojoba oil.  Please order a sample if you have any concerns about allergies.