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/har*mo*ny/ the quality of forming a pleasing and consistent whole.

Notes of Cedar, Piñon Pine & Copal

Graced with Dolomite & Argonite

1 mL Sample Oil & Info Card

5 mL Roller Oil with Mudra Box & Info Card

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I integrate and ground Heaven & Earth within my body; A perfect equilibrium in all aspects of my being, aligning me with my truth.

This oil assists with the harmony within ones self & with this world.  A forest has balance from the herb & mushrooms that grow in the shade of the trees to the birds that sing with the wind.  We are meant to be balanced & in homeostasis but life can throw this out of alignment.  This oil helps repair our energy fields & harmonize our energy centers.

  • Uses: Energetic alignment, connecting with earth, harmonize yin & yang, recognize apposing forces within self, strengthen & nourish immune system & skin, tonic for heart & mind.
  • Mudra suggestions: Hakini, Dharma Chakra, Adho Merudanda
  • Chakra: Aligns All
  • Ho wood, Cedar, Guaiacwood, Copal, Palmarosa, Patchouli, Fir, Piñon Pine & Strawberry Gum with Yarrow Flower & Quartz


Essential Notes - Soul

  • Cedar & Guaiacwood: Feelings of whole self, balanced & grounded.
  • Piñon Pine: Brings a gentle sense of calm but is stimulating & energizing when needed.  Supports all systems.
  • Strawberry Gum & Palmarosa: Tonic for heart & mind while calming the spirit.  Soothes & nourishes the skin.
  • Ho wood & Fir: Strengthens & nourishes immune system, emotionally uplifting without over stimulating. 
  • Copal & Dark Patchouli: Cultivation of harmonious heart, grounding & balancing of mood, release of pleasure hormones. 

Crystal Essence - Spirit

  • Argonite Star Cluster: Cleanses, clears & balances all of the energy centers & levels of our aura.
  • Dolomite: Brings energy field into natural homeostasis, centered harmony.

Herb - Body

  • Yarrow: balance yin & yang, facilitate the meeting of Heaven & Earth.

These oils are created to assist one in connecting with this Earth & Universal Energy.  A Merkabah is printed on each label to imprint the oil with high vibrating universal energy.  This assists one in connecting with their light spirit body and finding their sapphire throne.  

Each oil comes with a mudra, affirmation & information card to aid one in meditation. Handmade with love in Breckenridge, CO, Charged with OM Crystal Singing Bowl Vibrations, Infused with Crystal Essence under the Full Moon Light.

Pure Essential Oils, Resins & Absolutes are carried in Jojoba oil.  Please order a sample if you have any concerns about allergies.