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/bliss/ reach a state of perfect happiness; Great joy.

Notes of Mimosa & Jasmine

Graced with Ocean Jasper & Pink Tourmaline 

1 mL Sample Oil & Info Card

5 mL Roller Oil with Mudra Box & Info Card

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I encourage my positive qualities to shine upon my worries & fears, releasing negativity & cultivating hope & joyful emotions.

Jumping into a clear refreshing lake can wash away the worries & leave a blissful feeling in its place.  This oil allows one to find this joyful state of being while releasing any unwanted emotions.  Lifting the spirit & comforting the heart balances the emotions, increasing mood.  Find your bliss in this oil & allow it to guide you to perfect happiness in your life.

  • Uses: Anti-Depression, cultivates hope & joy, anti-anxiety, letting go, balance emotions, increase mood, listening to inner compass, euphoria, combine ego with higher self.
  • Mudra suggestions: Hansi, Pingala, Abhaya Varada
  • Chakra: Sacral (2nd), Heart (4th), Throat (5th)

Essential Notes - Soul

  • Mimosa: Brings hope & joy, letting go of worries & fears to banish depression.
  • Jasmine & Rosewood: Balance of emotions, anti-depressant, clarity & love
  • Sweet Myrrh & Kava Kava: Combine ego with higher self to listen to inner compass, Euphoria
  • Ylang Ylang & Grapefruit: Balance of mind, body & mood, uplift the spirit.

Crystal Essence - Spirit

  • Ocean Jasper: A stone of joy & high spirits with its positive vibrations, enjoyment of life with release of negativity.  Positive self expression.
  • Pink Tourmaline: Releases stress, worries & depression, stimulates feelings of joy, happiness & relaxation. 

Herb - Body

  • Jasmine Flower: Symbolized for divinity & hope.

Each oil is designed to enhance ones life & personal practice.  Oils are paired with an affirmation & Mudra to aid in meditation or be used as an intentional, complex, natural perfume that compliments & changes with the wearer’s own chemistry.

These oils inspire a connection to this earth & our own universal energy.  The Merkabah on each label imprints the oil with a high vibration, assisting in the connection to ones light spirit body.

Handmade with love in Breckenridge, CO, Charged with OM Crystal Singing Bowl Vibrations & Infused with Crystal Essence under the Full Moon Light.

All packaging is printed, hand crafted & wax sealed by me, adding the extra touch & positive energy to each oil.

Pure Essential Oils, Resins & Absolutes are carried in Jojoba oil.  Please order a sample if you have any concerns about allergies.