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/star*dust/  a magical or charismatic quality or feeling

Notes of Plumeria & Pink Lotus

Graced with Amethyst, Celestite & Apophyllite 

1 mL Sample Oil & Info Card

5 mL Roller Oil with Mudra Box & Info Card

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I focus my mind & assimilate with the higher frequencies of consciousness to seek guidance on this path.

A gaze up at a star filled night gives us a feeling of connectedness, that this universe is vast & beautiful like each of us.  This oil aids us in raising our vibrations to reach into the universe within us & connect with the Higher Self.  Anointing the wrists and crown will open your heart & mind to the light within.

  • Uses: Inner & outer awareness, alignment with our truth, mindfulness, assimilate with higher frequency, connect with personal divinity, trust inner guidance, calm nervous system.
  • Mudra suggestions: Palli, Jnana, Shakti
  • Chakra: Throat (5th), Third Eye (6th), Crown (7th), Transpersonal & Etheric (above head)


Essential Notes - Soul

  • Plumeria & Lemon Balm: Inner & outer awareness directing spirit toward mindful reflection of gratitude. 
  • Pink Lotus & Palo Santo: Raises vibrations, connection to source energy with unconditional love.
  • Frankincense & Buddha Wood: Grounded mindfulness, release of ego & mind to move into presence with our spirit.
  • Angelica: Open our heart & our awareness to connect with our divinity.

Crystal Essence - Spirit

  • Amethyst: Still ones thoughts and move into higher states of consciousness.  Release of addictions.
  • Apophyllite: Raise your vibrations to the world of nature & angelic domains.  Assists one with connecting & communication with the Higher Self.

Herb - Body

  • Blue Lotus Petal: Purity of the spiritual life.

Each oil is designed to enhance ones life & personal practice.  Oils are paired with an affirmation & Mudra to aid in meditation or be used as an intentional, complex, natural perfume that compliments & changes with the wearer’s own chemistry.

These oils inspire a connection to this earth & our own universal energy.  The Merkabah on each label imprints the oil with a high vibration, assisting in the connection to ones light spirit body.

Handmade with love in Breckenridge, CO, Charged with OM Crystal Singing Bowl Vibrations & Infused with Crystal Essence under the Full Moon Light.

All packaging is printed, hand crafted & wax sealed by me, adding the extra touch & positive energy to each oil.

Pure Essential Oils, Resins & Absolutes are carried in Jojoba oil.  Please order a sample if you have any concerns about allergies.