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/seŸr*ene/ calm, peaceful, and untroubled; tranquil

Notes of Neroli & Oakmoss

Graced with Howlite, Danburite & Lilac Lepidolite

1 mL Sample Oil & Info Card

5 mL Roller Oil with Mudra Box & Info Card

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The anxiety & stress dissolve into a peaceful calm as my mind relaxes & my thoughts are clear.

This oil will bring you a peaceful mind, as serene as the snow capped mountains the mind is humbled.  It is an excellent aid in dream work, as it calms the body and mind and allows clearer vision during dream time.  

  • Uses:  Soothes nervous tension, stress & anxiety reduction, relaxation, emotional healing, dream work, clear thought, enhancing meditation, insomnia.
  • Mudra suggestions: Dvimukham, Jalashaya, Pala
  • Chakra: All, Especially: Heart (4th), Third-Eye (6th), Crown (7th)

Essential Notes - Soul

  • Neroli: is the #1 anti-anxiety essential oil remedy, it aids in stress reduction & lowing blood pressure.
  • Chamomile & Lavender: are excellent natural sedatives, improving sleep & decreasing sleep disturbances.
  • Vetiver & Smoke Tree: ease emotional stress & panic attacks
  • Sweet Gale & Oakmoss: stimulate dreams.

Crystal Essence - Spirit

  • Howlite: s a calming stone that is best at clearing thoughts from the mind.  It aids sleep & dreaming.
  • Danburite: Soothes emotions, helps release grief, fear & anxiety, resentment or anger. 
  • Lilac Lepidolite: Deeply relaxing, it aids in releasing stress and embracing serenity & love.

Herb - Body

  • Lavender Flowers: Improves sleep & brain function.

These oils are created to assist one in connecting with this Earth & Universal Energy.  A Merkabah is printed on each label to imprint the oil with high vibrating universal energy.  This assists one in connecting with their light spirit body and finding their sapphire throne.  

Each oil comes with a mudra, affirmation & information card to aid one in meditation. Handmade with love in Breckenridge, CO, Charged with OM Crystal Singing Bowl Vibrations, Infused with Crystal Essence under the Full Moon Light.

Pure Essential Oils, Resins & Absolutes are carried in Jojoba oil.  Please order a sample if you have any concerns about allergies.